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Message from the President

Masato Fukagawa,

Eden Co., Ltd. is a group of engineers and development-type companies under the umbrella of Elena Electronics Co., Ltd., Koyo Sokki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and Physical Dialog Co., Ltd., and operates as a center of fabless companies.
Direct Elena Electronics Co., Ltd. is involved in the production and sales of electromagnetic waves, and Gyoyang Sokki Mfg. Co., Ltd. specializes in assembly and wiring, and while each company has expertise, it is a business activity integrated with the "Ene Group" I am doing
Since its inception, high frequency, analog and digital technologies that have been continuously researched for about 60 years over the period, with the theme of "supporting global digital and analog broadcasting system" as an essential theme, in the broadcasting field, especially "4K / 8K" We are developing and producing satellite broadcasting and terrestrial broadcasting related products including “,” and are indebted to you in the fields of mobile communications, optical communications and CATV.
While maintaining the traditional “TV / radio broadcasting field” as a pillar of business, we apply “WPT (wireless power supply)” or “WPT (wireless power supply)” that conforms to the “5G” communication field and Industry 4.0 by applying the advanced technology cultivated. The Ehime Group is making inroads into the company as a group in the medical equipment field, EV industry such as EV centering on Elena Electronics Co., Ltd., and various other fields.
Everybody in the world who is related to our company will continue to work day and night to make it possible to help create products with higher added value. We look forward to your continued support in the future.