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Privacy Policy

Eiden recognizes that personal information of customer is one of the most important property and declares to try proper handling and protection of personal information based on following policy.
◆Compliance of law and regulation relating to personal information protection.
Personal information will be treated properly by complying law and other regulations relating to personal information protection.
◆Acquisition of personal information
At the time of acquisition of personal information, it will be done by lawful and fair means trying to clarify its utilizing purpose.
◆Utilization of personal information
Personal information acquired is utilized only in needs of business practice within utilizing purpose indicated at the time of utilization and the range of reasonable relationship.
◆Common utilization of personal information
In case that personal information is used with third party commonly or treatment of personal information is entrusted to third party, control is made to other party of common utilization and to third party for execution of proper use of personal information.
◆Offers of personal information to third party
In case of law establishment, personal information will not be offered to third party without getting prior consent by customer except operating company of this site.
◆Management of personal information
Necessary and proper information security measures is executed in order to configure system to execute proper treatment and management as well as to prevent loss, falsification and leakage of personal information by trying to keep accuracy and update of personal information.
◆Disclosure/correction/utilization stop/deletion of personal information.
In case that personal information request for disclosure/correction/utilization stop/deletion is existed, correspondence is made in accordance with regulation only the case that it is confirmed to be made by customer.
◆Scheme of compliance program
In order to execute this personal information protection policy, scheme of compliance program is made, and this is executed in company thoroughly and to be well known through training and education, and the best condition is maintained by continuous improvement.